Personalized mailings are most effective when you incorporate a high degree of targeted, relevant information that will capture each individual recipient’s attention. NewLeaf is an easy-to-use tool that makes this possible.

NewLeaf VDP Software:
Minimal Effort, Maximum Results

Developed by PrintSoft and offered through a partnership with Bell and Howell, NewLeaf, a variable-data printing solution, gives you the tools you need to create highly personalized mailings. NewLeaf enables you to create an effective personalized layout, incorporate conditional logic to drive variable image and text content, deliver documents via multiple channels (direct mail, email, fax), and more, all in an intuitive Windows application.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use design, positioning, and formatting tools
  • Build charts and graphs based on transactional data
  • Support for multiple output formats
  • Improves customer communications
  • Increases customer retention